The must-see Athens landmarks revealed in a stroll


Taking a walk around Athens is like visiting an open-air museum, with some of the most impressive ancient Greek monuments appearing at every turn. So put on a comfy pair of shoes and let’s set out to discover all those must-see Athens landmarks

The must-see Athens landmarks revealed in a stroll

It’s hard to imagine another city that offers its cultural wealth as generously as Athens. You just take a few steps and it’s like a narrator from ancient Greece starts whispering in your ear: You hear Pericles, the 5th-century BC Athenian general, regaling you with stories of his grand designs in the city’s Golden Age, and Hadrian, the 2nd-century AD emperor, telling you how he made Athens the cultural capital of the Roman Empire.

They each take their turn… ancient Greek philosophers, politicians, scientists, athletes, statesmen. All of the Athens landmarks and monuments (and it seems like there’s one every few strides) have a different story to tell.

In fact, you can think of an open-sights tour of historical Athens like a tasting menu. If there’s something that jumps off the plate, just come back and sample it in greater depth another time. So make sure you keep strolling and by the end of it, you’ll understand that all these Athens landmarks are as alive today as they were in antiquity, giving the city a unique ambience which can be regarded as a monument in itself.